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Her name is Chloe Luella and she thinks everything is the worst thing.

Photos/captions by ©Chloe Luella

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Anja Rubik by Inez & Vinoodh for Vogue Paris


Anja Rubik by Inez & Vinoodh for Vogue Paris

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All these creepy baked goods are made by self-taugh baker Christine McConnell. Some of her influences include Tim Burton, Vincent Price and Alfred Hitchcock. She is also a photographer and hair stylist. Did I mention she looks AMAZING doing all of it too?

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Chen Xi

1. Chinese Memory of SARS

2. Memory of Chinese Spring Festival Gala

3. Memory of Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team on the World Stage

4. Memory of the Only-Child is good

5. Memory of Tangshan Earthquake in China

6. Memory of the 60th Anniversary

7. Memory of the Premiere of China News Network

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